5 Amazing Perks of Owning a Natural Wood Case Watch!

There is no denying that the mid-century was full of wooden art, craft, and furniture. One of the most epic and timeless inventions of that time is the natural wood case watch.

The mid-century was a period of experimentation, minimalism, and asymmetry that gave birth to these unique watches. These wood case watches were mostly introduced in the late fifties or early sixties, and since then till now, the trend of wooden watches have witnessed a lot of changes in popularity.

Despite the progress of technology, wooden watches are still famous for their eco-friendly nature. There are a lot of different wooden watches available for men and women and it is one of the most reliable and sustainable choices of a human being. Standing in the digital era, a vintage wooden watch is still something that catches the eye. There are unlimited qualities of wood case watch and then some of them are given down below.

These wood watches are renewable resources

Since wood is a natural and eco-friendly they are a renewable resource. So gifting someone a wooden watch will not only bring happiness and smile in someone’s face but will also add benefit to the environment. There is a wide range of options to choose from. It is also advantageous for people who are allergic to metals. The designs are available as per people’s choice. So you can endorse your own fashion trend with these wooden watches without any skin irritations.

They are non-reacting to heat and water

Woods are a non-reacting substance. Unlike the metal watches, wooden watches don’t react to this heat and water. So there is no chance of your watch losing its color and shine. They do not absorb heat when exposed to the sun, neither do they cause rusting when it gets in touch with humidity. There are a lot of people who often complain that the leather bands in their watch shrink or expand with moisture levels. These are a few issues that you never have to face with wooden watches.

It is vintage and timeless

The wood case watch nowadays is not only popular among common people, but also among celebrities. The accessory is not only vintage but it also a timeless piece of fashion. They have a cool appearance that is pocket-friendly and durable. So, ramp up your everyday look with this elegant piece of a timeless classic. The best part about this natural wood case watch is that they never fade with time.

You can customize them as per your wish

Want to hear the great news? These wooden watches are 100% customizable and can be designed as per your choice. You can design your watch as per your preferred pattern, photographs, and customized writing as well. There are a lot of online sites who sell customized wood watches as well. So now you can design your watch just the way you want, and whoever you gift it to will love it.

They are cost effective

The last but not the least, these watches are cost effective and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Since they are easily available they are minimally priced and even the customized ones will also not cost you much. These watches are lighter and are easy to carry in every weather extremities.


So these were the few amazing perks of owning a natural wood case watch. Not only they are pocket-friendly but are also easy to pull off. So whether you are hitting that after-office party, or going for an important client meeting, these watches can be your all-time partners. Do let us know in the comments section if you own any wooden watches or if not then what type of watch would you prefer. Till then, take care!


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