A Complete Guide to Leather Watch Bands Maintenance

A Complete Guide to Leather Watch Bands Maintenance

Certainly, the Leather Watch Bands are made of high-quality leather and have a good reputation about high-withstanding capability and durability. Our watches can survive the harsh weather conditions and the inevitable wear and tear quite tactfully. No matter what the leather watches are put through, they just seem to bear it all. It is therefore not unknown that if the leather watches are maintained properly and taken good care of can actually last a lifetime.

Here we will discuss some of the maintenance tips and suggestions that will help you take good care of the Leather watch straps.

It is much more than Just Leather!

Spending money on the Leather watch straps is definitely worth it. The workmanship involved in the production of the leather watches, as well as the material that you would be receiving stand true to the amount that you need to pay for them. Good care is needed to be taken in the making of the leather watch bands. If the tanning of the leather goes wrong even with the slightest of concentrations, the quality leather watch bands are highly compromised.

However, our brand Nemesis takes good care in the manufacturing of the leather bands of the watches. Some of the watch bands are handcrafted too that will positively impress the watch aficionados. As leather bands of the watches are an outcome of impeccable workmanship, each watch consists of those rough edges and has a whole new blend, making each one an individual piece.

Maintenance of the Leather Watch Bands:

  1. Separate the Straps: Before you begin with the cleaning process, it is very important to remove the straps from the dial. This will ensure that the watch dial and the case as well remain protected.
  2. Clean with a dry cloth: Once you have detached the Leather watch straps from the watch dial, you can use a dry cloth to wipe them. Before any of the liquid substance is involved you must get rid of the stains or debris that has been collected on the surface of the strap. These dirt materials have the capability to form scratches on the surface of the watch straps. Therefore, you must be very careful while cleaning them. Make use of microfiber cloth to clean the leather straps.
  3. Now use the soap: Once you have attempted cleaning the straps with a dry cloth, you must make use of soap then. Try and use a mild soap to clean the leather straps; the harsh soaps can damage the leather by drying them out. Use a microfiber cloth that is damp and not sopping. Excess of water can cause damage to the leather as well. With gentle scrubs in the inside and outside surface of the Leather watch straps, clean them thoroughly.
  4. Now get rid of the residue from soap: After you are done cleaning the leather straps with soap, rinse the cloth under running water. Do this, until the cloth is entirely cleansed from the soap then squeeze the excess water out. Now with the damp cloth carefully wipe out the traces of soap from the leather straps. Be very careful as to keep your movements very light, harsh scrubbings can compromise the quality of leather watch straps.
  5. Leave the band to dry: Once the cleaning process is over, you must allow the wet straps to dry with the help of natural air. Do not expose the leather straps to direct sunlight or use any kinds of dryers to dry leather watch bands.
  6. It’s time for leather conditioner: Once the leather straps have dried off naturally, you must take a few drops of leather conditioner on a fresh cloth and then gently rub it on the strap and leave it to dry. The conditioner that you are using must be specifically used for leather substances itself, make sure of that!

When should you clean your Leather Straps?

If you use your watch on a regular basis, you must clean your leather straps in every alternative week. You can follow all the steps mentioned above for the cleaning process of your leather watch bands; however, the last step is an exception. Do not use leather conditioners very often, save it for occasional purposes only.

If you happen to live in a very hot and humid climate, where perspiration is very common then you must clean your leather bands more often than not. Even in comparatively colder places, the leather straps must be cleaned more during the summer season than in the winters.

Bottom Line

Every affordable leather watch bands available at a wide range of variety on Nemesis stiffens like all other leather products after one point of time. Therefore, it is very necessary to soften the straps and make them flexible. However, this isn’t a very difficult procedure as leather is a porous substance and easily absorbs oil, which will promote its flexibility. But, make sure not to use too much oil or leather conditioners too very often. When it comes to the conditioning of the leather bands, less is considered to be more.

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