Hottest Leather Watch Bands Of 2018

Be it your classic Panerai, or your new Geckota Chronograph, or even your Omega Seamaster, always treat yourself with a genuine leather watch band. The bands are crafted from carefully selected materials as meticulously as your favourite watch itself.

The water-resistant versions of the genuine leather watch bands were the hits in 2018. These designs add to the already existing choices to aplenty.

There are many phases of watch obsession including the shape, design, and size, but then it is just the strap that pulls it all together. 2018 witnessed some of the hottest launches of leather watch straps.

Rally Strap

Initially inspired by the leather racing gloves that had knuckle holes and was worn by race car drivers, the Rally strap has either three large holes or several perforated holes. This adds to the stylish look of the watch altogether. The holes also provide maximum breathability to the strap. The Rally leather watch band has been paired with racing chronographs ever since.

Nato Straps

The Nato strap is available in both leather and nylon versions. However, the leather Nato strap is wildly popular among the juveniles. First produced in the 1970s primarily for British soldiers, the trendy leather strap is both versatile and durable. The Nato strap is available in several solid shades, stripes and also in nylon versions. The Nato straps save you from the hassles of removing the spring bars every time you change the watch band.

Rubber Strap

For those who have a super busy schedule and an active lifestyle, the waterproof Rubber Strap is going to complement your personality well. These watch bands are the most popular among athletes and divers. Available in a variety of colours, the Rubber strap is the next-gen watch band.

Bund Straps

The Bund straps originated in World War 2 for the German air force. The leather pads set below the watch case provides insulation to the watch when exposed to extreme temperatures. The Bund strap was endorsed by Paul Newman, the legendary actor and race car driver. The aviator style strap is made out of leather and nylon that never touches your skin.

Carbon Fiber Strap

Inspired by the interiors of a high-end Italian sports car, the carbon fibre strap is the go-to style for the ruling, young generation. The stylish looks of the band have made its way to the top into the world of watches. The leather watch band adds a luxurious look to your watch. The Carbon Fiber straps are available in a wide range of stitching options.

Vintage Style Strap

The Vintage style strap gives you the opportunity to show off your watch from a different era. Be it distressed leather or canvas with frayed edges, the vintage look adds to the royalty of the watch.

These were the top and trending leather watch bands this year. A new strap gives your watch a transformation worth a try. Add a little spice to your watch wardrobe.

Let us know your favourite watch strap style in the comments below.


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