Leather Cuff: Meaning, History, and Styling Options

Leather Cuff: Meaning, History, and Styling Options

For long, men have associated the use of bracelets or cuffs with accessories used by women to look good. However, the effect of modernization has introduced among men; the need to look good as well. Now, most men are new into the world of leather cuffs. Questions like what color would look best on me or would this pattern gel with my outfit, surely ponders over the mind. While most go with the classic black leather cuff, some do not shy away from experimentation with colored leather variants.

While it is difficult to determine exactly, but there is something energetic and charming about leather cuffs on a man’s wrist. The addition of leather to your outfit renders that not-so-dull personality or vibe.

What is the best way to pick the perfect leather cuff?

The best way to get yourself leather cuffs that are just right is to follow the given instructions:

  • Evaluate the complete measurements required by you. Ensure that the bracelet fits just right. It shouldn’t be too tight or too snug.
  • Make a list of the attires you wear the most and pick the ideal color and design for your leather cuff accordingly. Most men prefer to go with a black leather cuff as it gels well with any form of attire.
  • Check for styling options by looking for celebs who wear similar cuffs and get inspired by the outfit.
  • When confused, stick to the basics and do not pick things that are too extravagant or glamorous.

Use of Leather: History

Humans have been fascinated with leather since the dawn of life on Earth. Utilization of creature skins has been known to date as back as the Palaeolithic Period, which is generally popular as the “Stone Age.” Slowly, humans started using leather for exclusive reasons such as apparel or safe house.

As the Earth’s geologic clock entered the modern world, the leather material was being used for everything, starting from melodic instruments to footwear.

First Leather Cuff/Bracelet

It is hard to pinpoint the exact historical backdrop for leather cuffs. However, throughout history, it is evident that people at high positions in society used to wear leather bracelets during the connotation of innate jobs.

Taking a look at Egyptian history, we can be sure of the fact that Egyptians wore leather as a status symbol. Take, for example, the Egyptian Pharaoh named Tutankhamun used to wear leather sleeves to represent the status of his reining government. While the color of the same cannot be determined, it is generally noted that the curing process for leather mostly adds in a tanned or darker color to the leather. The primary role of leather cuffs was to show faithfulness and high rank.

Colors & Symbolism with Leather Cuffs

Whether you have been searching for the perfect black leather cuff or the classic tan brown, it is essential that you understand its basic imagery before selecting the hue. Each and every variant of the leather cuff has its own significance.

Popular Colors Used for Making Leather Cuffs

While black leather cuffs

Color Name



The brown tone resembles chocolate brownie in color with no red, orange, or any purple undertone


This is a shade of brown that borders along the line of light + Medium color-depth. It houses a strong variant of orangey-red undertone. It is similar to the chestnut horse color when exposed to the sun


It is a rich brown shade that is similar to the bar of premium chocolate. It has the appearance of medium brown shade


It is named so for its resemblance with cognac liquor. It is a tone with medium brown hint and subtly implemented auburn undertones

Dark Brown

This particular tone for the leather cuff is close to a moist and dark-colored chocolate brownie. It has subtle undertones of purple. It isn’t as dark as the ebony shade but comparatively darker than any other shade


An extremely dark shade of brown often confused as black


This particular shade is deep brown with no purple, red, or orange undertones. It resembles dark-colored chocolate bars


It is a lighter shade of brown that comes with a hint of orange undertones which can be seen atop the hazelnut shell

Medium Brown

It is neither too light nor too dark. It is the perfect rich-brown shade similar to the milk chocolate bars.

New Market

It is among the lightest of all brown colored leather tints. This light brown shade comes with orange, red, and yellow undertones

Oak Bark

It is a soft shade of medium brown with red and dark yellow undertones. It resembles the oak tree bark


It is a light brown shade with an orange hue. Its name is derived from the shade of tobacco leaves when dried


It is a dark brown shade with no presence of purple, red, or orange undertones. It is darker than the walnut shell


Bottom Line

While leather has always been a symbol of class and luxury, you can always add in the sense of modern-touch with well-designed leather cuffs. It is important that your collection houses the classic black leather cuff along with multiple brown or tan shades. They tend to gel well with almost any attire and give you that rustic look when out with friends, colleagues, or peers.

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