Things you need to know when purchasing men’s leather watch bands

Things you need to know when purchasing men’s leather watch bands


If you ever wondered what adds that hint of class to your formal or casual look, it is a well-build wrist watch. Your choice of styling the wrist watches can range all the way from metal bands to the leather watch bands. The idea of wristwatch dates back to the development of earliest wristwatches during the sixteenth century. A few sources say that Abraham Louis Breguet developed the first wristwatch in the world for Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, in the year 1810.

Wristwatch helps add sophistication and elegance to any kind of outfit. In fact, it is one of those accessories which every man should have when going to any social event or at work. These days, wristwatch bands are available in a variety of material, such as gold, stainless steel, nylon, titanium, etc. But among all the various types, the men’s leather watch bands are a fine choice. Such watch straps are suitable for both, male as well as female hand and are fashionable at the same time. However, purchasing such a watch could pose a problem for many men. Therefore, below listed are some easy and simply tips to help you find the best leather watch bands:

  • Quality of the leather material:

The watch band needs to be durable above all. The case should be made up of a material which does not get damaged easily. The finish of the band has to be completely moisture and scratch resistant. The best leather watch bands are the ones which are made from genuine leather. Pure leather offers a distinctive comfort and softness to the skin when it’s worn. However, if such an accessory is beyond your budget or if it’s against your belief to purchase it then you can opt for another type. Whatever the case may be, the leather needs to be soft and strong at the same time.

  • Watch band layout:

Natural leather bands are included in several types. You can look for men’s leather watch bands which come with some decorative elegant patterns, metal studs and much more. Just make sure that despite of this, the style of the leather band suits your persona. The leather band you choose needs to be manly and elegant.

  • Color of the leather:

Leather watch bands are available in a lot of colors these days. However, for men’s leather wristwatch straps, the most prevalent colors are charcoal and brown. But there are a few unique leather watch bands available in different designs and colors as well such as tan, red, yellow, blue and anything in between. It is entirely up to you whether you like the usual leather colors or want a distinct one. Nevertheless, just be sure that you choose a versatile color which suits nearly any color of your clothing.

  • Watch strap dimension:

How huge the wristwatch strap does not just refer to the length, but it also relates to the width of the strap. The band needs to be sufficiently wide as this way; it will rest on your wrist much more comfortably and look much manlier as well. Thick leather watch bands are best for men who have slim wrists while narrow wrist straps are ideal for men who have wider wrists. For those who desire neither of these dimensions, there are medium sized wristwatch bands which happen to be the perfect choice for many men.

  • Cost:

Last but the least, cost is also a major consideration when you shop for wristband. Though a nylon band would be much cheaper than compared to metal or leather, you need to select the band based on size, comfort as well as color which best suits your budget and persona.

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