Top 5 Coolest Sugar Skull Watch You Will Ever Own

Top 5 Coolest Sugar Skull Watch You Will Ever Own

If you haven’t heard about the “Day of the Dead” festival from Mexico, you have probably been living under a rock. A festival similar to its U.S. counterpart, “Halloween”, this festival is more about celebrating our ancestors, the dead who aren’t with us anymore. This is where the concept of Sugar Skull emerged as a way to make people accept death as the truth rather than making it a grim affair.

Sugar skulls have given birth to their very own line of fashion accessories and the ones trending today in the fashion domain are Sugar Skull watches.

Sugar Skull Colors: What do they represent?

If you have noticed yet, the Sugar Skull watches are primarily comprised of 5 colors.

  • Yellow: Represents Unity and Sun (Because every individual under the sun is one and the same)
  • Red: Life and Blood
  • White: Hope, Purity, and Spirit
  • Pink: Happiness
  • Purple: Grief, Suffering, and Mourning for Lost Ones

Now that you know the real meaning and essence of sugar skulls, here are some variants for sugar skull watches you can invest in.

Variants of Sugar Skull Watches

1- Black Faded Leather Watch:

Imagine being a part of any punk rock band and trying to create your very own style statement. This particular Sugar Skull watch does just that. The serene combination of the purest colors, black and white creates a ruffed up look for the whole punk vibe. The faded leather strap adds in a sense of novelty to the whole look. The use of pink, blue, and yellow highlights the skull face in the watch.

Sugar skull watches reflect the positive aspects of life and their acceptance by the wearer. It isn’t as grim as the normal skull representations. They are colourful and add a hint of beauty to the concept of death.

2- Matte Black Leather Strap Watch:

How about a stainless steel rim with matte black leather strap for your sugar skull watch? An analog clasp with smooth fit is just what you need to show that you are different from the rest. Carry your style statement with grace and rock this unique sugar skull piece. Straight from the land of Sugar Skull, Mexico, this piece will surely be a worthy candidate for your collection of skull watches.

Don’t forget to style it with your favourite pair of black jeans and loose printed t-shirt. Add another layer of style by putting in some leather bracelets or bands along with the watch to create depth to the overall look.

3- Faded Dark Brown Leather Watch:

While the classic combination of black and white surely creates a perfect punk rock look, a faded dark brown has similar effect. Representing the essence of elegance, reliability, and stability, brown is a neutral tone that gels well with any look and color. Paired with a silver rim, the faded brown strap looks all the more opulent for the wearer.

If you have plans to visit the land of Mexico for the upcoming celebration of the “Day of the Dead” festival, make sure you be a part of the crowd with a skull make up and this fabulous looking sugar skull watch.

4- Red Leather Sugar Watch:

If you are bored with the everyday black or brown straps, do try a different color such as red to ramp up your style statement. A red leather strap paired with silver colored shiny stainless steel keeps you at par with the latest trend in the fashion domain. When you look through the history of art and fashion, there has always been a fascination for skulls and the same has taken over the watch manufacturing sector.

This is why; any accessory with a sugar skull in it is never a disappointing move. So, absorb the feel of the renaissance era mixed in with the modern technology by getting your hands on this unique sugar skull watch.

5- Square Rim Brown Leather Watch:

Watches do not always have to be round in shape. Another change you can bring to your look is by opting for a sugar skull watch with square rim. The criss-cross thread design all over the strap adds in to that rough and tough look you had always wanted to reflect. And the best thing about this sugar skull watch is the fact that it is water-resistant. So, lay off the worries of losing your precious watch to a splash of water.

Bottom Line

Sugar skull watches are the best thing you can invest in if you are planning experiment with your existing style. It surely adds a zing to your look and helps you stand apart from the crowd. Embrace the beauty of Mexican culture and honour the dead with these beautifully crafted pieces.

Watches are among the most important and valuable addition to your closet. Sugar skull watches are fashionable and unique at the same time. So, get your hands on some of the best collection at Nemesiswatch

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