Nemesis Watch Inc. introduces the latest design from watch designers and drives the watch market to a whole new generation. We are appreciated to deliver values of our products and services to all of our customers as demanded. For over ten years, Nemesis watch Inc. has been an international leading force in the design and manufacture of Leather Cuff Watches. We commit to provide our customers with the highest quality design for the lowest prices as possible.

Our leather bands are all manufactured in the United States with extra attention paid to choosing the best products, such as genuine leather and intricate detailing and clockwork. Our professional team assembles all the watches in the United States with a focus on accuracy and precision. Our watches are for everyone and our services are provided for everyone (wholesale and retail).

Our Free-Style, Street-Wear watches come with the choice of many wide bands. Our consumers can play around with one watch style and interchange it with a variety of leather bands making watch wearing so much fun!! Our signature style is Leather Cuff Watches. Our primary market comes from people from all walks of life, with special focus to the Gen X/Y-ers, Hip-Hop scene, Urban, and Alternative market.

210 E. Olympic Blvd., Ste. #204
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: 213.763.0668, 213.763.0687
Fax: 213.763.0689
Email: nemesiswatch@gmail.com