6 Amazing Band Watches Strap Styles to Invest In

6 Amazing Band Watches Strap Styles to Invest In

Watches are an amazing accessory that people of all ages, gender and types love. It not only tells you the time; it makes you look smarter in many ways. One of the things that make watches attractive is the wrist bands. Today, you will find wrist bands in a wide range of themes, colors, and styles. Among the various styles, wide band watches are very popular. The wrist band are wider than the other type of style and do make a fashion statement wherever you wear them.

If you love watches and looking for a different style then go for wide band watches as they are stylish, practical and look amazing on all kinds of occasions.

Here are some of the best wide band watches styles you can choose from:

1. Wide Leather Cuff Band

Wide leather cuff bands are very popular with men. This type of watch style provides an edgy look. The leather cuffs are designed to look stylish and urban. Nemisis wide leather cuff band come in various colors like black and blue. These colors along with the design make for an impressive wide band watch style.

2. Embossed Cuff Leather Wide Band

Another type of popular wide band watch styles are the embossed cuffs leather watches. Embossed style wide bands look stylish and appear like a bracelet. In case you are looking for a versatile watch then choose the embossed wide cuffs. They provide a very snug fit and will give an edgy look.

3. Stitched Watch Strap

Another type of watch strap style is the stitched watch strap. The most amazing thing about this style is the presence of contrasting stitching at the sides of the strap. They do come in wide band style. This style is eye-catching and with various color combination, you can create your own unique style. Most popular type combinations are the red and black, or black and black and black with white. For attires like jeans and t-shirts, these types of wide band watches will look stylish and chic.

4. Oyster Watch Strap

Another type of watch strap style is the oyster watch strap. It is a very classic strap style. The designs include three links that are joined together with width. It is not very flexible in terms of other type of materials, but they are easy to wear. You can also buy them in wide straps. The center link is thicker than the rest and is very strong. The inter-connecting design is an attractive feature of this type of watches.

5. Nato Watch Strap

The Nato watch strap style is very elegant. If you are looking for causal style of watch straps then this is the one. The most common type of materials is the nylon and leather. Advantage of wearing this type of strap is that it’s lightweight and easy to carry. It’s long lasting and by wearing this type of watch you can easily make a style statement wherever you go. The design is very eye-catching.

6. Zulu Strap

Zulu strap is another very popular type of strap. Wide band watches do come in this type of designs as well. In terms of materials and designs, the ZULU strap style is thicker than the NATO straps. They look very stylish, are very practical to wear and they look great on any occasion from formal to casual.

The Bottom-Line

These are some of the most amazing type of watch straps. Wide cuff watch is for the people who love edgy style. You can choose from various styles and looks and make a style statement wherever you go.
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