How to stylize your leather watch band for a stylish Christmas 2019 Look

How to stylize your leather watch band for a stylish Christmas 2019 Look

Leather watch straps can be as tricky to pick as they can be stylish to possess. To delve into the microcosm of leather watch bands is rather essential before you choose the one for yourself. The origin of leather watch bands goes thousands of years back. Leather was used during our ancestral times when they would attach animal hides to their skin while foraging or hunting. Let us indulge in the discussion further and find out about the latest leather brand trends that are in for Christmas 2019.

The different types of leather watch bands:

1-The Classic Leather strap:

Whenever we think of leather watch bands, we cannot ignore the very classic style that comes without any whistles and bells. With the classic band style, it is easy to pair it up along with any attire. You can either dress up or dress down, and the watch would adjust without seeming out of context. Whether it is wedding season or it is for an uptight official look, leather watch bands can help you pull it all up. You can always opt for the neutral colors that include tan, brown, or black bands, which are incredibly gullible for daily use.

But, when it comes to leather, you must know that like every other product, your watch bands will need some care as well. If the watch bands are exposed to harsh weather with extreme temperatures or if they get wet, they can get ruined. Therefore, you need to be a bit mindful when you are up for the leather watch bands.

2-The one with contrast stitching:

After the very classic watch band, it is time for contrast stitching for Christmas 2019. The added detail of contrast stitching over leather is bound to steal all the attention. A deliberate contrast is created between the stitching thread and the color of the watchband. We would suggest you went for the watch bands that have extreme contrast stitching patterns. For instance, a black band with a beige or white stitching thread can establish an impactful look.

You can pair up the watch with a contrasting outfit and see its charm taking over your entire appearance. The aesthetics of the watch band would be exceptionally reflected, and we guarantee you an ensemble that would be highly intriguing for visual matters.

3-Strap with double ridges:

For added texture to your leather band straps, this season, you can go for the watch straps with double ridges. The ridge effect is explicitly obtained by creating a sense of padding beneath the belt of the watches. Your overall attire assembly shall be elevated with the subtleties of the details included in a watch strap with ridges. You can pair up this type of watch band with a square-faced dial, which will impart you with a sportier look.

4-Link Leather with Curved Ends:

The curved end link leather watch bands are in demand for the Christmas of 2019. The strap features being originated from the insertion of ABS plastic at the junction point for embedding well with the watch dials are entirely compatible with something like a Rolex Submariner. The watch bands are available in nine different finishes, and the designing of the straps are considered to be ergonomic and over-designed as well.

The precision that they provide in their fitting accompanied with a steel buckle imparts the beholder with a robust look. It could almost be equated with a weapon used in combats held in closed-quarters, by extent we refer to official gatherings and cocktail parties. For the die-hard watch enthusiast, this is one of your kinds and should be added to your list of leather band collectives.

5-Suede Leather with camouflage:

The suede texture, when combined with camouflage pattern, is bound to create something extraordinary. Over the top of it, we cannot ignore the fact that all of it is done on a leather surface. The camouflaged Suede strap was favored by Jay Z as well, so there isn’t much point to put up for the argument. If you are not very sure about solid leather straps, Suede is your choice. And when Suede textured is amalgamated with Camouflage creates an extra-ordinary combination that the watch lovers can feel nothing but love for.

The pieces are generally handmade, and the features of each strap will differ slightly from the other. The unique texture of Suede combined with camouflage is given. Still, nothing compared to the comfort that is provided by the inner surface made of leather to make it highly wearable and an excellent way to rock your watch notion.

Bottom Line

Opinions will certainly vary according to one’s styling sense. However, we have managed to come up with the top-most suggestions that could manipulate your leather band selection in this Christmas 2019. You can always mix and match with the dial designs and the straps as well. The suggestions are to impart you with the mere idea of what is trending this season. To be precise, the school of thought is entirely polarized when it comes to a person’s styling sense. So choose the one that bestsuits yours!

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