Rubber, Metal, or Vintage Leather Band Watch: What Should You Choose?

Rubber, Metal, or Vintage Leather Band Watch: What Should You Choose?

Choosing the perfect watch band for yourself can bring a substantial difference in terms of appearance and comfort level provided by your watch. Thanks to modern technology today, you can easily change the way your watch looks. If you love the watch dial but hate its band, you can always opt for a change and create the perfect combination.

In a broad sense, there are 3 different variants of the watch bands, namely:

  • Leather Watch Bands
  • Metal Watch Bands
  • Sport Watch Bands

Now, if you love style and elegance, you can always go with the vintage leather band watch, but if you are looking for something funky, sports watch bands are a must for you!

When picking your favorite watch band, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. It is critical that you refrain from making decisions solely based upon the photos or looks of the watchband. Even though the strap or watch band will surely have a major impact on the appearance of the watch, its functionality plays an important role too.

Let us discuss some of the technicalities of choosing the best watch band.

1-Exercise and Physical Work:

If you are someone who loves adventure or indulge in occasional outdoor explorations, you can pick from a wide range of watch bands. The perfect option for such adventure trips is   You might have plans to go out for a hike or camping, wearing a leather band is your best option. Now, leather bands are great for such occasions, given the fact that they are highly breathable and comfortable to wear with proper durability. However, one thing you need to remember is the fact that leather is never 100 percent waterproof. Raw leather tends to be permeable. It is prone to moisture absorption.

This is why, if you have plans to go for kayaking or any other water sports, it is better you avoid it and go with other options such as a water-resistant metal watchband.


You surely wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a watch band that does not provide proper grip. The security of your watch is critical. Most of the stainless steel watch straps house the classic fold-over clasp with the push-button variant of release mechanisms like the butterfly clasp or deployment clasp. However, there is a chance that your metal watch band might slip from your wrist. In this case, you can go with tang buckle which is much more secure as compared to the ones found in the metal watch bands. The tang buckle can be found in both sports watch bands or the vintage leather band watch.

3-Do not forget your watch dial:

Another factor you need to keep in mind is the fact that your watch dial should gel well with the watch strap you own. Now, one watch strap looks perfect doesn’t mean it goes well with your watch dial. Clean versions of leather straps tend to be perfect for any occasion depending upon the individual wearing it. Your outfit can get critically versatile when it is dressed up with a vintage leather band watch. If you are buying a new watchband, it is critical that you match the same with your dial. If you cannot go with the leather bands, a rubber watch band will be a close replica of the same.

4-Color Tones:

Now another thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that the metal bands do not come in a various array of colors. There are only limited options for the same. However, when we talk about leather or sports bands, you can get unlimited color options. You need to keep in mind that a raw form of the vintage leather band watch is mostly brown, tan, or yellowish in color. However, certain dyes can completely change the band’s color.

However, the leather needs to be treated with certain chemicals to ensure that they acquire the color thoroughly. However, the case with sports straps is completely different. They can easily gel well with the colors added to them. So, if you are looking for a versatile range of colors, you can go for sports or rubber watch bands. However, if you are looking for elegance with mid-range of color diversity, you should definitely stick to the vintage leather band watch.

Some Considerations Include:

  • Metal watch bands might irritate your skin. Most bands sold today are crafted from stainless steel metal. However, the ones created from the alloys will react to the perspiration in the skin. Even though luxury watchband can be crafted from titanium, gold, or silver, the cost can be a bit prohibitive for the buyers.
  • Leather bands come with buckles or the deployment clasps, which can adjust perfectly with the holes in the buckle. They are perfect for an easy on & off.
  • Make sure you check the wrist measurements and buy your vintage leather band watch


The beauty of a watch dial on your wrist can change drastically depending upon the watch band you choose. This is why it is critical for you to consider multiple elements for your watch band selection. Unless your watch band has functionality, comfort, as well as beauty incorporated into it, you aren’t making the perfect selection for your needs. If it is elegance you are after, vintage leather band watch always serves as a classic.

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