Tips for identifying real retro look leather band watches

Tips for identifying real retro look leather band watches

Vintage or retro leather band watches are accessories that have been crafted with finely aged leather that is of high quality. It is among the most sought-after accessory by the youth today who love creating new looks while keeping in mind the trends of the past. When you own a true and genuine retro leather band watch, you own a unique piece straight from the history. However, given the presence of multiple sellers over the online platform, chances are you might be cheated in terms of authenticity.

In order to pick authentic retro look leather band watches, you need to know certain tips and tricks that have been listed below.

Tips to check the authenticity of the leather band watches

With these tricks and tips, we will make sure that you do not end up paying a substantial amount of money for fake retro look leather band watches.

1- Check for Rough Edges:

If you come across a leather band watch that has rough edges, you can be assured that the leather is genuine. The retro look leather band watches made from faux or fake leather will always have perfect edges that are created from something that is synthetic or plastic. Even if the maker brushes up the edges, you can feel the roughness in your hands while the faux or fake leather doesn’t give the same feeling.

So, before you purchase your retro look leather band watches, make sure you check for its authenticity following this tip.

2- Imperfection Determines Genuineness of the Leather:

Pick up your leather watch and try to feel its surface. Did it feel grainy or has a texture like pebbles? Now, everyone loves perfection, but real leather comes with inconsistent patterns and minor imperfections. Fake leather tends to be uniform as the pores are spread out evenly in a consistent pattern. It is clear sign of the leather being fake.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the retro look leather band watches are crafted from animal’s skin which houses uneven pores such as ours.

3- The Wrinkle Test:

Take a look at your skin and press evenly on the surface. You can see that the skin wrinkles up and changes its color when being stretched. In a similar way, genuine retro look leather band watches will showcase a wrinkly pattern that automatically disappears when the pressure is lifted off.

On the other hand, fake leather is complete unaffected & preserves the stiffness and shape. This is a tell-tale sign of the leather being fake.

4- Water Test:

Leather, just like our skin, is comprised of microscopic pores that absorb any liquid material that is placed upon its surface. The best way to check the genuineness of retro look leather band watches is to opt for the water test. Genuine leather will always absorb the moisture in some time, while the fake leather fails to do so. You can notice that the water remains on top as it is unless you wipe it off.

So, if you have plans to buy retro look leather band watches, make sure you try out this particular test.

5- Burning Test:

Although we do not recommend this test, it is generally a great differentiator between fake and genuine leather. If you have access to extra leather left out after the leather band watch has been manufactured, you can ask the seller to get this test done to weed out your skepticism. In case the leather is genuine, it won’t catch fire. Rather, it will emit a fleshy pong. However, the fake leather or faux leather burns emitting a flame and has a plastic-like smell.

6- Check the Stitch Holes:

Take a look at the stitches on the retro look leather band watches. If you examine it closely, you can see that the holes are particularly uneven with a suede finish. If this is the case, you can confirm that the leather is genuine. On the other hand, fake leather is easy to stitch and shows an even stitching pattern with circular holes.


For the past few years, the online domain is flooded with counterfeits of genuine leather watch bands. The best way to avoid any loss of money is to trust a reputed seller and check for authenticity using the methods explained above. If you have plans to purchase the watch band online, make sure you check for authenticity certifications.

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