Relishing the Natural Beauty of Leather Cuff Watch: Black Friday Special

Relishing the Natural Beauty of Leather Cuff Watch: Black Friday Special

A natural vegetable tanned cuff made from leather is always unique and beautiful. The most interesting aspect of leather comes from the fact that this material tends to change and evolve over time. This aspect is pretty similar to the way our skin changes with time. With time, we age and so does our skin. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality of the skin has diminished. It simply acquires more character. This is also true for leather cuff watches. When maintained properly, with time, the leather cuff acquires a character that makes it more unique and distinctive.

The best thing about leather is the fact that even if you and friend order the same leather cuff watch, the two will age differently depending on the way it is used and maintained. Of course, both the bands will truly be unique right from the beginning. The aging process will introduce a different character to the cuff.

What gives character to your leather cuff watch?

With time, your leather cuff watch will be exposed to a plethora of elements that will change the way your leather looks over time. Regardless of whether you have wideband watches with a leather cuff or everyday classic leather cuff watch, the aging projectile entirely depends on the elements and how they affect it.

1-Sun Exposure:

We all have a tube of sunscreen to protect our skin from unwanted tanning. Now, not everyone would know this, but your leather cuff tends to tan just like your skin. At first, you will experience a rosy tone tanning with the leather. With further aging and tanning, you will start noticing a reddish tone to the overall surface. Now, this is about the leather cuff based watches that are exposed on a regular basis to sun depending on how you venture out for your daily chores. On the other hand, a leather-based wallet might not undergo a similar tanning process as it remains within the pocket for a substantial amount of time.

This simply states that the higher the exposure time, more is the tanning. With time, the reddish hue will turn brownish or black, depending upon the base leather used for your wideband watches.

  • If you ever had a chance to experience full-scale natural tanning, you will know that tanning isn’t even. While your arms & face experience tanning first, other parts such as stomach or back might not even see a slight bit of tanning. The reason being, not all your body part is exposed to the sun in an equal way. Plus, add to this the type of clothing you have opted for. Similarly, the tanning that occurs with your leather cuff watch might not be even all over. So, don’t seem surprised if the leather seems to age differently in sections.
  • To obtain a rather even tanning, you might want to remove the watch dial and keep the leather under the sun for long hours to ensure that the tanning is even all throughout.

2-Use of Leather Conditioner:

If you recently bought a leather cuff watch, your seller might have recommended the use of a leather conditioner to keep the piece intact for long. If your leather watchband tends to feel a bit dry, you need to apply this particular conditioner to ensure there is no tearing or wearing. It is critical to understand the fact that the conditioners used to soothe your leather can also affect its color in the long run. How? Well, these conditioners house chemicals that are known to alter the color chemistry, either making it darker or lighter, depending on its ingredients.

  • Always opt for a patch test to ensure that the conditioner darkens the leather beyond your liking.
  • A leather surely needs conditioner, but that doesn’t mean you need to soak it in the same. Just apply a small amount of conditioner to the leather cuff watch and wipe the excess. If you fail to do so, your leather might not last as long as you would want it to due to excessive moisture accumulation.

3-Exposure to Daily Life Elements:

Most of us have a piece of memory from our childhood, such as a blanket or stuffed animal. This favorite toy or object is used regularly which leads to the presence of a worn-out look. However, this in no way diminishes the look. Similarly, life happens, and your favourite wide band watches will be exposed to the ups and downs of your daily activities. At times, you might spill coffee on your leather cuff watch, or there might be recognizable wear and tear from regular use.

This doesn’t mean your leather is of no use. Every leather cuff has a story to tell. So, relish the aging of these leather cuffs in a graceful way.


Leather is a material close to our hearts. This is because it represents the way we age with time and while still maintaining our value. Even if you happen to drop the leather cuff, you might not have to worry about any major scratches to the band. However, the story could be entirely different for the watch dial though. When it comes to picking a story partner for your life, it is ideal that you go with leather and communicate with a seller that you can trust.

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