Leather Cuff Watch Band: Bund Straps 101

Leather Cuff Watch Band: Bund Straps 101

If you take a deeper look into the style options opted by various fashion trendsetters, you will surely notice the presence of Bund Straps in abundance. You might also have noticed this leather cuff watch band on artists such as Paul Newman who is known to carry his classic Rolex Daytona. However, before the bund strap went on to become the go-to favorite of Hollywood stars, it humbly served for important military purposes.

Here in this Bund Strap 101 guide, we will take a peek at everything that is to know about this beautiful leather cuff watch band.

The Origin of Something Big

If we trace the origins of bund straps, it goes as far as World War II. These band straps were originally issued to the German Aviators by the Bundesrepublik Deutschland or the Federal Republic of Germany. This strap served as a particularly effective shield under hostile war-like circumstances. It was packed with a protective form of leather backing that lined perfectly between the user’s wrist and his watch dial. Regardless of how intense the climate got during on-field duty, the wearer suffered no consequences. Thanks to this extra layer of protection, the metal case never froze or scalded onto the wrist.

Want to know another perk of Bund Straps leather cuff watch band? It has the ability to soak up a significant amount of sweat during days with extreme heat. The watches issued by the government during World War II weren’t actually waterproof. These bund straps served as charm while preventing the heavy sweat from damaging the metal watch worn by the aviators.

What is a Bund Strap?

When it comes to bund straps leather cuff watch band, you can notice them from a far off distance. These straps are comprised of 2 to 3 parts. The constant segment of this strap is its protective backing by the leather named bund. This is topped by two-piece of the classic leather watch strap with some spring bars to fix the metal dial.

For the fashion go-getters who love the vintage watches with a fixed lug, the key is to opt for strap options that are crafted as a single piece accessory. It is particularly similar to the NATO strap.

The Making

Leather is something that is tangible, giving you a feel that gels well with your own skin. Apart from the look, there are various other criteria that one needs to keep in mind when picking a perfect bund strap leather cuff watch band. These elements include finish, leather quality, as well as tanning process. Well-balanced proportions of all these together lead to the formation of bund ensemble.

While the classic bund strap was designed to serve as a layer of protection for the wrists, modern changes have slimmed it down to a fashion accessory without actually compromising its goal to protect. In the present-day version of bund straps, we can observe that the leather backing has been refined as well as slimmed down to suit the liking of the millennial generation. Moreover, the bund has also been shortened with edges that are more rounded off.

Besides modernization in design, the bund strap leather comes from the finely polished calfskin. This variant of leather is both soft and smooth to touch. With time and use, this leather used in bund strap tends to develop a sheen of patina that looks all the more classic.

How can you pair them?

Given their rich history with the German Air Force, these straps work optimally with the pilot watches. The stark color contrast between the brown strap and the black dial makes it render a strong yet charismatic militaristic essence. The rivets in the strap serve as a piece that highlights the original purpose of this watch.

This strap can also be paired with those watch-worthy chronographs that entered the aviation industry during the post-war years to help time the flight durations. All-in-all, Bund strap leather cuff watch band makes up for an amazing conversation starter.

You also need to keep in mind that bund straps can be particularly warm, so try and avoid wearing them during the summers. Plus, if you are someone with small wrists, it is better to avoid the bund straps as they can look overwhelming. If you still want to wear one, you can look for the modern slimmed-down version as opposed to the classic old-timey look.


Unleash that war-time heroism by flaunting a pair of bund strap leather cuff watch band and accessorize with style. Do not forget to experiment with shades while being as close to the quintessential origins of the watchband.

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