The skull market the previous season witnessed a new launch- the skull watches. To all those skull hard fans, the watches are not just appealing but a must-have these days. The imagery of a man's skull has become even more iconic in the last decade.

Skull heads have conveniently made their way into one of the most luxurious and discreet business. The watch industry has most hospitably accepted the skull trend. Skull watches over the last ten years have expanded their market from not just skull lovers to all the crazy teenagers out there. 

Post Hublot, fans went gaga for the limited edition skull watches that rampaged the showrooms. However, these watches got sold out instantly, and not a lot of people could reach out to them. The launch saw an outrageous increase in the skull watch demand. That also gave us a whole new range in skull watches to drool upon. 

The coolest skull watches this season include-

Richard Mille RM52 (and its variations) 

Introducing you the most expensive among the skull watches for men- the Richard Mille RM52. The collection has not one but multiple designs. It is priced at $650000 and hence in demand by most wealthy collectors. Well, the most spectacular feature- it is a statement. 

HYT Skull (and its variations)

They bring in the statement- 'I don't care about the time. I am the time.' Much like other HYT pieces, the HYT Skull also has two liquids. One liquid is colored while the other one transparent. The fluids flow in the tube that goes around the dial. As the green liquid takes over the tube, the hours go from 0 to 6. After the round, they return to 0 and go all the way again. The oozing liquid is pretty much fun to look at. The deep skull eye holes give you a rough idea of power reserve and seconds. Guessing the price of the watch? The watch is rated at a price lot more reasonable than the Mille, starting at a mere $90’000. 

Strom Watches (pretty much all of them)

If you know Daniel Strom, you would probably also know his love for skulls and hardcore metal. The brand speaks for itself. You either fall in love with it crazily, or you don't like it at all. The steel version of the skull watch range is our favorite. 

Fiona Kruger Skull Watch

Okay so if you happen to meet someone who loves skulls more than Fiona Kruger we shall be but amazed. Kruger implements skulls in every design that she creates. Fiona has come a long way to reach this point of success in her designs. She has achieved the 'wow' effect in her watches, and fans are going crazy for her releases. Demands have gone higher and higher and have made her one of the best skull watch designers

Bell & Ross Skull Patine

Looking out for a badass watch?

Well, you belong to the Bell and Ross clan. Their skull dials are the hottest looks in the market. And definitely not to forget, the icing on the cake, the Patina casing. These skull watches feature real Patina. It adds to it the grave look right from under the oceans ruled by pirates. Priced at just $9000 it is an authentic collection skull watch and a classic must-have. 

Romain Jerome

Beginning from the Dia De Los Muertos and to the Hard 9 Choppers pieces, Romain Jerome is also obsessed with skulls. For all those tough bikers, these watches have been personalized to suit your style. However, you can sport them with classy suits as well. 

Bomberg BOLT68 ‘Badass’ 

This new guy is getting into the skull watch business. Bomberg is the latest face in the skull market. Selling those 'Badass watches at a good price,' Bomberg has very quickly created a fanbase for itself. Not restricting themselves to just wristwatches, they have also come up with pocket watches pretty soon. The bargain begins at $2000. 

Hublot Big Bang Broderie

Laurent launched another kind of Hublot skull a few days ago. When people couldn't lay their hands on the Classic Fusion Skull Bang, Laurent gave them other options. It gave us watches that make you feel confident in your wrist game. Now you get to pull off the gold versions of skull watches at just $35000. 

The year has been packed with exciting launches in the skull watch collection. We bring you designs and groups from your favorite designers at the most reasonable rates. Let us know if you’re a skull guy! Visit our store now to drool upon the coolest bad boy watches.
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