How to select the perfect watch band?

How to select the perfect watch band?

Wristwatches come with variable shapes & sizes, to a point where there is a watch designed with regards to body type, comfort level, as well as the styling option. In simple words, one can find the perfect watch or watchband depending upon whether you require a women’s watch band or men’s watchband. Unfortunately, unlimited options make things harder for you to settle on one choice.

One crucial consideration is how it should fit into your wrist. Selecting the perfect watch band isn’t just something about comfort, but about every critical element that matters.

Here is a quick guide to help you select the perfect men’s or women’s watchband.

1- Style of the watch bands:

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a watch band is to consider its style that suits your needs. There is wide range of options with specifications such as digital watch, analog watch, battery-powered watch, mechanical watch, smartwatch, and many more. While some users enjoy the comfort and luxury of leather men’s or women’s watch band, others love the style and strength provided by the stainless steel straps.

If you are a true collector, you will surely have a wide range of watchbands that suit your everyday needs. Whether you are looking for party wear or the perfect watch band for meeting, selecting a versatile option is the key to perfect look.

2- Width of the watch band:

When discussing the overall size of the watch, considering the width of the men’s and women’s watch band is a must. A band that is too thin will look way smaller when worn by someone with a massive wrist. On the other hand, someone that has a small-sized wrist should avoid wearing bulky straps at all cost.

There is no such rule with regard to the thickness of the watchband. However, most style guides point out the fact that your band should be close to half the overall diameter of the watch case. Say, for example, if the case is 46 mm, the band should be 24mm in width. Some of the watch bands tend to taper towards the end. In this case, its width is calculated by measuring the place where the band connects with the watch.

3- Length of the watch band:

Just like the width factor, length of the men’s and women’s watch band plays a vital role in how good they look on your wrists. For women, the length ranges somewhere between 6 inches to 8 inches. While the length for men’s watchband ranges between 7 inches to 9 inches. While you might think that the length of the band doesn’t matter, it is far from the truth. The way your band fits into the wrists can make or break the look. You would not want a band that is too long and dangles around from the wrist.

4- Strap Material:

If you have plans to purchase men’s or women’s watch band, another critical factor that comes into play is the material of the strap. When you are looking for something that reflects high-quality and sleek look, you will definitely look for a strap that is made from materials such as leather or metal. However, depending on your style needs, the material can vary from plastic to other stretchy materials. Most women tend to go with the stylish and diva-like versions of watch bands while men stick with the one that creates a rugged look.

However, the choice entirely depends on the look you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a party-style watch band, going with funky colorful materials is a great option. However, when picking the right watch band for a date, try and opt for subtle and classy materials such as leather.


With so much experimentation going on in terms of looks, why stop at clothes? Accessorize your outfit with amazing men’s or women’s watch bands and take your style to another level. The final decision comes down to your individual taste in watch bands. While some love the elegance of leather, others enjoy the beauty of metal straps. So, style up for your next date or that dreaded meeting and have people admire your taste in watch bands!

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