Popular variants of watch straps and bands to check out

Popular variants of watch straps and bands to check out

When someone asks you for time, you mostly take out your smart phones to note the same. However, watches have their glamour amid a world that is overrun with smart phones. Watches aren’t merely functional; they also serve as a means of fashionable accessory. Whether you love wearing watches every day or it’s just a part of your weekend ventures, there is a lot you need to know about watches bands and straps. While the vintage leather band watch has been attaining immense popularity in recent years, it is only justified that you work with a mix and match of everything you can get your hands on!

Listed below are the various forms of bands out for you to pick.

1- Classic Leather:

The most seen choices today in terms of watch straps are leather bands. The classic versions of leather come without any whistles or bells. It has a classic go-to design which makes it perfect for corporate parties or everyday business meets. Leather looks impressive at both formal as well as informal occasions. Make sure you stick to neutral colors like brown, tan, or black.

2- Contrast Stitching:

This particular style for watch bands uses the added effect of contrast stitching that creates an appealing look. These details come from contrasting colors between stitching and the watchband. For example, if the watchband is black in color, the stitching will undoubtedly be white or some different tone. These watches bands go well with outfits that have distinctive and contrasting colors. It is mainly aesthetic to look at. You can also find this style as a part of the vintage leather band watch to add to the ruggedness of the watch.

3- Vintage Leather Band Watch:

Vintage or distressed leather is high-quality straps that have been aged to look beautiful. It is just like a fine wine that tends to get tastier with time. Vintage generally refers to any item that pre-dates 1980s. Today, you can find real vintage leather bands over reliable online e-commerce website that own a classic collection of watches to make you look good and add to your collection.

4- Double-Ridge Straps:

If you are looking for unique textures for your leather band, you can get yourself one with a double-ridge strap. This ridge effect can be created with proper padding under watch’s leather. This subtle yet prominent detail helps you stand out from the rest by adding a hint of uniqueness to your outfit ensemble. This band looks impressive with square-shaped watches that cater sportier look.

5- Rally:

If it is one of your casual days, you might want to switch up the things with a rally watch strap. This distinctive form of perforations had been created initially to make it breathable for the racetrack drivers. However, today the straps are more about the overall look they cater. It is an incredible band to wear during summer months given the excellent airflow with better wrist movements. You can easily avoid any chaffing and sweating. You can customize your vintage leather watch band with this style to look trendy yet grand at the same time.

6- Zulu Straps:

These timepieces tend to be as durable and sturdy as they are good-looking. It is usually thicker with detailing that comes from the use of stainless steel. These bands look amazing when paired with larger watch dials. While they might not look so great with parties or corporate meetings, they look impeccable during casual occasions.

7- Aviator Straps:

The aviator bands attained popularity during World War II. Even though the initial design has been altered through time, the features that made it unique have remained through the years. These bands are crafted from leather with large rivets just below lugs. You can expect it to look amazing with vintage leather band watch as it enhances the texture you get with the vintage pieces. These bands tend to be a bit larger as opposed to similar bands. However, it can be paired with the pilot watch dials to create a beach day look while you are riding your bike.

8- Bund Strap:

This particular style was invented for pilots. Their actual purpose goes far more functional as opposed to merely stating the time at any given moment. With an added padding layer below the watch back, they help protect the wrist of the pilot from any cases of fire burns while aiding in proper movement during flights. This particular leather band might not be the go-to choice for everyday use as they tend to be warm and bulkier.

Bottom Line

Whether you want something for your weekend party or a trip to the local sea beach, vintage leather band watches are something you can always trust when picking bands that will last for life. Of course, you need to take care of them in proper way just like any metallic band.

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