What are the various types of leather used for men’s watch bands?

What are the various types of leather used for men’s watch bands?

Being a versatile add-on for your attire, leather is something that gels well with anything. Just like jewelry is to women, watches are to men. A great watch on your wrist signifies class and elegance at its best. However, a watch dial is nothing without a perfect watch band. Leather makes up for a perfect material that looks aesthetically pleasing. But, did you know there are various types of leather used for the creation of men’s leather watch bands?

Whether it is flexibility, strength, or an aesthetic look, leather is something that is capable of being the sole player of your one-man show. Listed below are some of the popular leather variants that you might consider in your next shopping session for leather watch bands.

In General, leather watch bands are divided into two different variants which include:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Synthetic Leather

Genuine Leather Variants

Proper classification of leather can be a bit complicated, given the fact that the source can be any wildlife. Based upon the dyeing process and animal hide, there are three different grades for genuine leather:

Aniline Leather:

Aniline, in general, is unique dyeing chemistry, which helps highlight leather’s natural charm. So, one can safely assume that the prime role of aniline process is bringing out the charm as opposed to protecting the hide. Mere 5 percent of the hide produced can be deemed usable after the completion of aniline dyeing method. The final product is hence termed as aniline leather. 

This variant of wide leather watch bands is never low-priced, given their rare occurrence. As the surface of the aniline leather isn’t coated with the help of pigment, it can be vulnerable to any external impact. With time, it causes the strap of the watch to accumulate scars or wear out. However, if it is treated with care, it can last for years.

  • Admirable pliability and softness
  • Natural-looking surface with scars
  • A subtle hint of smell similar to animal skin might be present

Semi-Aniline Leather:

As suggested by the name, semi-aniline leather has a better protection level as opposed to pure aniline leather. Also, it can help protect your men’s leather watch bands against minor forms of physical abuse. With a thin topcoat, the natural leather markings aren’t hidden. However, the feeling of wearing this leather variant isn’t as perfect as the aniline leather.

Pigmented Leather:

This form of leather is designed only for long-term practical use. With less softness, minimal marking, and no smell of animal skin, this leather kind-of loses its prime characteristics. Pigment leather is perfect if you need to:

  • Improve the longevity of your leather watch bands
  • Cover up all the imperfections that come with a leather strap

Distinguishing the pigmented leather could be a bit difficult from synthetic leather as the natural traits of leather have been diminished to a level where it is almost negligent.

Synthetic Leather Variants

Unlike the genuine leather variants, the synthetic ones can be created from various materials, which leads to the categorization of the leather.

  • PU Leather:

PU Leather is crafted by covering a layer of fabric with the soft-version of polyurethane coating. The final product feels and looks quite like natural leather. It comes with qualities such as:

  • Breathability
  • Pliability
  • Natural feel

When you take a look at the surface, this synthetic leather variant looks pretty similar to natural leather. However, you can minimize the risk of being cheated by sellers by pressing the leather with your nail. If you are looking for natural leather, the same tends to be fairly resilient. After a small fraction of time, it will retain its previous form as you take away your finger. However, the PU leather will take much longer, or it might not recover at all, depending on its make.

  • PVC Leather:

This variant of faux or synthetic leather is primarily comprised of plastic, which can easily be distinguished from genuine leather or pigmented leather. This particular leather variant is stiff & lacks the presence of pliability. The PVC-based wide leather watch bands can break off easily as compared to the original leather. This is due to the stiffness. Plus, you can easily identify PVC Leather with its plastic-like smell that is similar to the smell coming from kids’ toys made from plastic. PVC leather is used for crafting the cheapest watches due to low-quality and minimal durability.


Finding a genuine seller with authentic leather watch bands in the market can be particularly challenging. However, a bit of research and testing can land you with the perfect leather watchband. It is always advised that you go for reputed sellers as opposed to shady ones with no online presence or reviews. Remember, a genuine leather watchband will add to the perfection of your attire. So, be careful when looking for genuine leather for your watch band and invest carefully!

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